43/52: Book Review – Self Help Books

I have lately been into self help books, so here are two of them that I learned something to use everyday.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle


This was recommended to me by my friend, Mika and its a guide to be fully present, tuning out the past and present and being at inner peace with yourself. The process of being fully present is an ongoing learning experience as our brain is wired nowadays to think ahead or self reflect on the past. I am an over thinker by nature and tuning out those unnecessary thoughts are hard but I try to get about 30 minutes everyday to be fully present. There are tips in the book on how to do it, how to be fully present in body and mind and so far my practice sometimes can be fulfilling and other times the mind takes over and it wanders to day dreaming but as the book states, you need to control the mind and not the other way round and this takes time. I can’t say it has fully transformed my life as some reviews on this book have said but when you realise that your time is limited, being present and enjoying things as it comes by is the most fulfilling way to live. Give the book a read if you are feeling incomplete, coz right now at this very moment, everybody out there can feel complete and at peace.

The Art of Happiness by His Holiness Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler


I read this after the Power of Now and they both complement each other as this book generally talks about how to be happy and being present is one of them.  The book is a conversation between Howard and His Holiness, and they discuss variety of topics ranging from the source of happiness, facing suffering and overcoming obstacles. The lesson I learned from this book was the patience and tolerance we need to generate with other beings as well as with yourself. Self love is important so that you can convey it to others. It does go on to more of a Buddhism way of life but I think people can put that into their own spiritual practice whether you are religious or not.

Let me know if you have read any of above books or if you have any to recommend, I currently am looking for a Tao book but have yet to get it.