46/52: Podcasts I listen to

I have been into podcasts lately at work while doing mindless data stuff, the podcasts I mostly listen to are mainly about true crime, cults, conspiracy and occasional interviews. Here are the 3 I am listening:



Unobscured – Currently into this podcast about the Salem witch trials, it goes into a lot of details about what happened during those years. I won’t go into much details but if you are bored or are interested in it, give this a listen. Its now on episode 6 and its getting more intriguing.






Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – From how stuff works, this podcast delve into anything that you might be interested in modern times, from cult, UFOs to the voter fraud. It is informative with factual opinions, I got into it while looking up Elisa Lam incident, the girl who was found dead in the water tank while travelling solo across California. It goes on how it could have happened, who was involved and the CCTV footage found. You might be able to gain more insights on what happened and come to your own conclusions if you can.






The Generation Why – One of the podcast by Wondery, if you are into true crime then this is the one you’ll need to get into. It started in 2012 so there are loads to catch up to, they go into details of the crime, how it unfolded and any conspiracies and mysteries behind it.