31/52: Throwback – My Princess Dresses


I grew up in Nepal and for us, clothes were not worn for fashion, we bought our clothes to last until we grew out of it or it was unmendable but my mum used to dress me and my sister in a twin set look- colourful mismatch combinations which I surely would love to wear now. Past our twin set look, my sister geared towards tomboyish looks while I clinged to those princess dresses, it was the time when I was heavily influenced by Andersen’s fairy tales. I would always ask her to buy me dresses whenever we used to go clothes shopping and I adore those dresses, I still have the netted multi-colour one which everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. I am grateful that my mum instilled in me the joy of dressing up and being comfortable with what you wear, you make mistakes along the way, my teen goth phase is always talked about but that would be for some other time and I am sure I didn’t save any photos from that time. These princess dresses gave me bouts of happiness as a little girl not only because how I felt in them but also because of the memory associated with it, visit to the zoo, grandma house, my birthday, our family picnic. It’s making me question the amount of clothes I have nowadays and fast fashion in general, do my clothes tell a story? Does it invoke in me the same happiness as these dresses did? I can honestly tell about half of them don’t, I might not have worn most of them more than twice anyways. Ok, this post is kind of ending in a dark epiphany, I might have to rethink my wardrobe choices now…. but anyways do share your fashion story if you have any, what did you like to wear when you were young?

28/52: All About Alaia

Al (5)

Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier Exhibition at the Design Musuem 

Until 7th October 2018 

I like going to exhibition especially fashion ones and the Alaia exhibition at the design musuem didn’t disappoint. This was a collaboration between Mark Wilson and the man himself, Azzedine Alaia before his death on November 2017 and it shows on the display, the layout, the screen and every dress shown. Its immaculate with about 60 garments in display and every one of them shows a story from the bandage dress, the corset belt to the perforated leather. It was great to see them up close, the labor it went through, the craftsmanship, everything is so detailed that you kind of question whether perfection does exist. I’ll let the images do the talking but its a different feel to see them in person so if you are ever stuck on what to do in London and need a bit of fashion inspiration, head out to see the exhibition or the museum itself, it’s gonna be a treat either way.

11/52: Fashion Musing- Athleisure

Athleisure has been a trend of the moment, where workout clothes are worn in everyday settings. Athleisure clothes mostly are track pants, yoga tights. Its mostly suitable to wear it around now and not only to gym. I have been eyeing this trend for a while but haven’t felt comfortable enough to wear it out during winter but this spring, am gonna try to rock it out everyday. Here are my three looks to interpret this trend. The track pants have been gaining momentum lately with the adidas three stripes mostly common among fashionable people, wear it with heels or sneakers, out on town for day or night. I have yet to find a good hiking pants but I think a loose fitted pants would look good in almost everything. Tights can be worn with almost anything but find one with a lycra fabric so it doesn’t stretch too much and you are good to go.


4/52: Fashion Musing – Monochromatic

I wouldn’t call myself fashionable or on trend as I always wear things that are comfortable – loads of black, jeans and sweatshirts. I love following whats in fashion but I can never incorporate trends into my own style as I feel rather out of place, however this year, I do want to try some new styles and colours (& if you know me, I never do colours, ever).

Last year, monochromatic dressing (in fashion terms mean wearing one colour, can be different tone and texture from head to toe)  was huge, I especially liked the all white and all red look- daring in both ways. Below are looks I love and would love to re-create, maybe I’ll give it a try in the coming months. Watch this space!