14/52: 3 Earring Trends I Am Obsessed With

If you follow my insta story over on Instagram, I am having a kind of earrings moment. I love all kinds, tassels, chains, hoops, you name it, I want to try it all. Here are just some of the inspiration behind my earrings madness.

Double hoops: You need to have two piercings at least, get hoops of different size or style or you can rock the same size and style, you can go crazy with this. I prefer to do mine in same style with different sizes.


Chains: This is not something new but have seen loads of people wearing them recently, its an understated piece, rock them if you are feeling like a rebel.


Cuffs: This trend was seen last year but a one ear cuff is always an statement, rock them out for night outs, party or everyday wear but make sure you are showing them off.




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