45/52:Polka dotted at Yayoi Kusama


Date: 2nd November 2018

I headed out to see the latest Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Victoria Miro. I was looking forward to it ever since they announced it and had grab the free tickets as soon as I could. This is all sold out so I was lucky and glad to get it.

I have been intrigued by Yayoi Kusama work ever since her exhibition at Tate modern in 2012. Her infinity rooms are mind boggling and dream like. The obsessive use of dots and colours are a sight to behold. Her works of art always teach me to not forget my childhood inspiration and to live colourfully.

40/52: Tattoos, why not?

Tattoos are still seen as kind of taboo in our Asian community mainly with the older generations as their thinking is that the one with the tattoos are mostly bad influences. I have several tattoos but for me, there are emotional connection to it. I didn’t go into tattooing because it was the “in” thing or to rebel against a social norm, it was kind of a reminder of myself of the times I’ve been through. I have one right after I graduated, the one I have when I got my first job, the one where I literally have the love, my lazybone face on me. The last tattoo I got was a spontaneous one but I think it reflects this year where I am going with the flow and getting it spontaneously was the thrill of it. Whether its for a emotional reason or aesthetic reason, tattoo is a normal thing, go get one if you want to, a tiny one or a big back piece, there is nothing wrong about it but please do think about it, racist tattoos will never be a thing.. Anyways, please find below the artist I went to for my tattoos, they are the nicest and the talented person you’ll ever meet and you won’t even feel the pain (but don’t count me on this!)..

Shiv from Electric Lady Tattoo, Reading is the one who designed and tattooed the lazybone, my dog on my arm, I got mine in black and white but she is awesome with colours too.

Emily is working at Hell To Pay Tattoos, Camden so if you are in London, hit her up, she did my last one at the Oxford tattoo convention and I love it. I haven’t got around to photographing it but she was the nicest person to get tattoo from.

28/52: All About Alaia

Al (5)

Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier Exhibition at the Design MusuemΒ 

Until 7th October 2018Β 

I like going to exhibition especially fashion ones and the Alaia exhibition at the design musuem didn’t disappoint. This was a collaboration between Mark Wilson and the man himself, Azzedine Alaia before his death on November 2017 and it shows on the display, the layout, the screen and every dress shown. Its immaculate with about 60 garments in display and every one of them shows a story from the bandage dress, the corset belt to the perforated leather. It was great to see them up close, the labor it went through, the craftsmanship, everything is so detailed that you kind of question whether perfection does exist. I’ll let the images do the talking but its a different feel to see them in person so if you are ever stuck on what to do in London and need a bit of fashion inspiration, head out to see the exhibition or the museum itself, it’s gonna be a treat either way.

15/52: Picasso Jonas

Date: 4th April

Went to the Picasso and Joan Jonas exhibition at the Tate Modern, the first exhibitions of the year.


The EY Exhibition: Picasso 1932 (8 Mar – 98 Sep 2018)Β 

This exhibition explores his career in 1932 through a series of paintings, it was a year full of highs and lows. At the beginning of the year, he was working towards his retrospective, from what I saw, this was his heyday, the colours, the use of subject, the fluidity in it but by the end of the year, the paintings grew solemn as the colours became faded and haphazard. It was great to see a timeline throughout the exhibition from the 1st room to the last and there are 10 rooms in total. I am not big on art but I admire the creativity of the artist and to be able to be present in such masterpieces was eye opening. Here are some of my favourite pieces, I tend to love realistic portraits to surrealism but every paintings told a tale and I think that’s for one, he is still revered. Even if you aren’t a big fan of art exhibition, this is something I think most people should see on why he is one of the greatest artist to date.

Joan Jonas (14 Mar – 5 Aug 2018)Β 

I went to the exhibition without any prior knowledge as it was in the 2 in 1 ticket offer. Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance, video and installation who has pushed boundaries of art for the last 5 decades. Honestly, I haven’t got a clue on moving art but I love the installation especially of the Juniper Tree. Some of the pieces makes you think about the wider culture and politics. I am not sure how to describe some of the things coz you need to be there to decide on its influence on yourself. One thing I did take away from this was you can portray your thoughts creatively by constantly educating yourself of the different topics you are interested in whether its far flung places or people you’ve never met. Go to see the exhibition if you are a fan of installation art.