41/52: Close

..so close, less than 3 months till the end of the year & I feel lighter than ever. I was burdened when the year started & now the weight has lifted, it took me a few self help books, self love, yoga, friendships and family to push me through. I wanted to go with the flow this year & sometimes it’s not gone as expected but rather than wallowing in pity, I am living the life in the moment and not giving a fuck.

So to people out there, enjoy the present, past doesn’t come back and the future will never come. Look around you & feel the moment, your body, your surroundings & the people around you.

40/52: Tattoos, why not?

Tattoos are still seen as kind of taboo in our Asian community mainly with the older generations as their thinking is that the one with the tattoos are mostly bad influences. I have several tattoos but for me, there are emotional connection to it. I didn’t go into tattooing because it was the “in” thing or to rebel against a social norm, it was kind of a reminder of myself of the times I’ve been through. I have one right after I graduated, the one I have when I got my first job, the one where I literally have the love, my lazybone face on me. The last tattoo I got was a spontaneous one but I think it reflects this year where I am going with the flow and getting it spontaneously was the thrill of it. Whether its for a emotional reason or aesthetic reason, tattoo is a normal thing, go get one if you want to, a tiny one or a big back piece, there is nothing wrong about it but please do think about it, racist tattoos will never be a thing.. Anyways, please find below the artist I went to for my tattoos, they are the nicest and the talented person you’ll ever meet and you won’t even feel the pain (but don’t count me on this!)..

Shiv from Electric Lady Tattoo, Reading is the one who designed and tattooed the lazybone, my dog on my arm, I got mine in black and white but she is awesome with colours too.

Emily is working at Hell To Pay Tattoos, Camden so if you are in London, hit her up, she did my last one at the Oxford tattoo convention and I love it. I haven’t got around to photographing it but she was the nicest person to get tattoo from.

38/52: Beauty Review – My Top 5

I like trying out new skin care products but there are a few trustworthy products that I have been repeatedly buying and like sharing with others. Here are my top 5:

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm


This was the first oil cleanser that I used and has been my favourite since. I have tried using other oil cleanser but this is the only one that don’t break me out. Its a solid oil cleanser that melts on your hand and removes away your waterproof makeup and stubborn lipsticks like magic. I don’t use makeup remover beforehand and solely use this, its not sticky plus the new formula is improved with Vitamin E acetate, good for any skin. If you are starting on oil cleanser, give this a try, it is about £20 but worth it because the pot lasts for so long, I am in my third pot and have been using it for the past 2 years.

COSRX Low PH Good Morning Cleanser


Cosrx is a renowned brand in Korea for their skincare products for sensitive and acne prone skin, so if you have those then go for this brand. I am a big fan of their Low PH Good Morning Cleanser. It is a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin boasting a mildly acidic PH. (Note I have combination skin but this is great for all skin types). Don’t let the name fool you, you can use it for both the morning and night. It leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh, I use it with the oil cleanser above and its pretty effective in calming my hormonal acne.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Drop 


Vitamin C is great for getting rid of acne scarring or dark spots and if you have those, you can rely on this product. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin types but everybody can use this. Klairs product are known for their use of natural ingredients and this doesn’t disappoint. I have used this religiously and have seen improvement in my skin tone but mind you, with vitamin C, you need to place this serum in a cool place, preferably your fridge because it is pure vitamin C and they do go off (it changes to slight brown and gives off a smell) if stored near sunlight, also lather on a good sunscreen when using this product as your skin gets more sensitive in the sun.

Innisfree – Jeju Orchid Eye Cream


Skin around the eye is sensitive and needs to be treated differently, if like me, you have dark pigmentation and laughter lines, you can minimize it using an eye cream and Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream is a miracle in a jar,the orchid exilir in it has excellent anti aging properties that helps to protect skin and make it glow. This is really expensive if buying at RRP and the discounted price still gets you at £20 but its worth every penny and it lasts longer.

MISSHA – All-around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++


I’ve already talked about this product before on my sunscreen review but this product easily is my top 5 products to use as its great for Asian tan skin. Just to note that it does leave a white cast but it does slowly blends in and you can wear it with your foundation on top of it.

Note: Before buying any skincare products, read the ingredients properly and reviews to see if its suitable. If you buy it and end up causing irritation, cease use immediately.

Let me know if you have any favorite skin care products I need to look into.

36/52: 8th Year

Happy 8th year to the lazybone!

How time flies so quickly, I never thought I would be one of those dog obsessed person but I was so wrong. I never wanted a dog due to an unpleasant biting incident when I was young but now, this lazybone has changed that and now I adore dogs more than ever. I mostly check out dogs when out and about than people, I am totally oblivious to people anyways. So, here is to our 8th year together and many more..

35/52: Book Review: Life On Earth By Mike Dooley


I am normally not one for non-fiction but I had to get this book when it popped into my amazon recommendation. It only came out this year and has received rave reviews. I had to wait for about 2 months to get the paperback but it was worth the wait. It is in a questions and answers story layout where you can find about how you can view your life, dealing with failures or setbacks, going towards your dreams and how to get it. There are a few things in it regarding how we just are in earth and have lived a lot of lifetimes before and how we are going to live a thousand of lifetimes after we die that does have a kind of religious inclination towards it but other than that, the book is a treasure troves of positive thinking, living life one day at a time, doing what you want to do because you can. Overall, it leaves you with a sense of belonging so you can live a life full of adventure and create your own happiness.