15/52: Picasso Jonas

Date: 4th April

Went to the Picasso and Joan Jonas exhibition at the Tate Modern, the first exhibitions of the year.


The EY Exhibition: Picasso 1932 (8 Mar – 98 Sep 2018) 

This exhibition explores his career in 1932 through a series of paintings, it was a year full of highs and lows. At the beginning of the year, he was working towards his retrospective, from what I saw, this was his heyday, the colours, the use of subject, the fluidity in it but by the end of the year, the paintings grew solemn as the colours became faded and haphazard. It was great to see a timeline throughout the exhibition from the 1st room to the last and there are 10 rooms in total. I am not big on art but I admire the creativity of the artist and to be able to be present in such masterpieces was eye opening. Here are some of my favourite pieces, I tend to love realistic portraits to surrealism but every paintings told a tale and I think that’s for one, he is still revered. Even if you aren’t a big fan of art exhibition, this is something I think most people should see on why he is one of the greatest artist to date.

Joan Jonas (14 Mar – 5 Aug 2018) 

I went to the exhibition without any prior knowledge as it was in the 2 in 1 ticket offer. Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance, video and installation who has pushed boundaries of art for the last 5 decades. Honestly, I haven’t got a clue on moving art but I love the installation especially of the Juniper Tree. Some of the pieces makes you think about the wider culture and politics. I am not sure how to describe some of the things coz you need to be there to decide on its influence on yourself. One thing I did take away from this was you can portray your thoughts creatively by constantly educating yourself of the different topics you are interested in whether its far flung places or people you’ve never met. Go to see the exhibition if you are a fan of installation art.


13/52: Throwback – Vietnam Trip

May 2013:

“I am a forgetful person, I don’t remember much of the trip but I remember the feeling of being weightless, without a worry, the sun and breeze on my skin and simply existing. I felt loved by friends and her family, and a familiarity with strangers. This was my first solo backpacking trip abroad and instead of feeling lonely and scared, I felt empowered to be able to just go on my own and make it. I do remember getting scammed and people being rude but overall, it was a learning experience, to be able to understand yourself all alone in foreign land. Ever since, I have taken a few backpacking trips and its different experience each time but this first trip is the one that I’ll treasure forever.. “

9/52: Ralph me!

9_024th Feb: Catch up with the brunch club 

As you get older, you realised that its harder to make new friends especially when you are working. You do have your colleagues but its kind of hard to develop that relationship at a personal level, however I feel lucky that I could find such kindred spirits at my last job. It has been harder to keep in touch after you move jobs but I think its necessary to have friends within the industry you work in so that you can learn from them as well as network.

Our little brunch club  went to the Ralph Lauren Bar & Cafe and bar at the Regent street store. Its a cosy little place but do place a reservation for the tables (you can reserve on their website) if you are going as the place literally is cosy as it can get. Even if you haven’t reserved, you can still get a seat at the bar if its not busy.  I ordered the Homestyle pancakes and hot ginger tea, the pancakes were fluffy and filling but quite good so I managed to eat it all. My friends ordered the Avocado Toast and Bagel and Smoked Salmon and they enjoyed both of them. We didn’t have any drinks but there are many options to choose.


After our  brunch, we went around the Mayfair area and had a little photoshoot, I had too much fun posing about, so have quite a few OOTD photos to post. As always, I went with an all black outfit incorporating all the AW trends – the beret is from yesstyle, the coat is from H&M, I had a turtleneck knit under from zara, jeans from topshop, boots from asos and the bumbag is from skinnydip, oh, and the sunglasses is from primark.

6/52: Basement Cinema Party

3rd February: Faithy’s 25th Birthday Party, Deptford Cinema

dept3On a drizzling Saturday, I headed out to Deptford, south east of London for the first time. I have never ventured out there but it is a really nice place for what I saw in the evening. I was there to celebrate one of my close friends 25th birthday at Deptford Cinema. Deptford Cinema is a not for profit community led project to bring about a cinema to the London borough of Lewisham. There are movies playing every month and can be hired out for private event. Moreover, the place is instagrammable with movie posters adorning the walls. The cinema is in the basement, a cosy hideaway from winter blues.

The party was great with movies and pop corn, I quite enjoyed it. I am really bad at taking photos for the blog, let alone outfit photos without momo- so here is me, working that stairs pose laughably. I wore the shearling jacket from Bershka as always, the vinyl trousers (you can barely see it) is from Reserved, the shoes are from Asos and the baker boy hat is from Topshop. I would love to go around London more, so let me know if you have any suggestions on where to head out next..

5/52: Momo, Kyoto zoom in?



27th Jan: Date with momo #1

When I first got a 9-5, I took momo aka my mum out often as I could spend some quality time with her so thus began our mum-daughter dates. However the past year, I had been in my stress bubble so often that I neglected my family time but I have learned that work is not everything, you need to leave that & concentrate on what matters at the end of the day and thats family. Thus, am starting this year with a few dates out with momo.

Our first date trip, I took out her to see Kyoto Garden at Holland park.Holland park is a small park situated right next to the bigger well known Hyde park. We went to see the garden but its smaller than expected. W ended up taking a few photos in different gardens there, a lot of my ootds and as you can see, momo didn’t know how to zoom in – tech is not her forte.




Talking about ootd, I am trying to wear in more colours this year and this red midi dress (?), it turned into a maxi on me, from Zara is great. It has split on both sides which you can’t see from the photos and I was wearing multiple tights, nevertheless a great find from last season; pairing it with my trusty shearling Bershka coat and Zara heels. The bag is a from a sample sale.

After walking around the park, we ended up in the dumpling place in chinatown- no food post here because I am pretty bad at taking food photos. Overall, a good day out- might plan another one soon..