36/52: 8th Year

Happy 8th year to the lazybone!

How time flies so quickly, I never thought I would be one of those dog obsessed person but I was so wrong. I never wanted a dog due to an unpleasant biting incident when I was young but now, this lazybone has changed that and now I adore dogs more than ever. I mostly check out dogs when out and about than people, I am totally oblivious to people anyways. So, here is to our 8th year together and many more..

35/52: Book Review: Life On Earth By Mike Dooley


I am normally not one for non-fiction but I had to get this book when it popped into my amazon recommendation. It only came out this year and has received rave reviews. I had to wait for about 2 months to get the paperback but it was worth the wait. It is in a questions and answers story layout where you can find about how you can view your life, dealing with failures or setbacks, going towards your dreams and how to get it. There are a few things in it regarding how we just are in earth and have lived a lot of lifetimes before and how we are going to live a thousand of lifetimes after we die that does have a kind of religious inclination towards it but other than that, the book is a treasure troves of positive thinking, living life one day at a time, doing what you want to do because you can. Overall, it leaves you with a sense of belonging so you can live a life full of adventure and create your own happiness.

34/52: How to get started in Yoga?

Yoga has gain a reputation in the social media world of yogis doing headstand and more complicated poses in gorgeous surroundings, even though you can build up to doing that, yoga is more simple than that. You don’t need beautiful settings or be capable of doing those poses, you can simply do yoga anywhere, the only thing you need is a flat ground, mat is useful and absolute mindfulness for the duration of your practice so that you can feel the energy flowing through the body. That is what yoga teaches, being present, mindful and understanding that your body is beautiful and  is capable of doing wonderful things. You don’t even need to attend classes, you can start it with the countless videos on youtube, here are a list of ones that I have used to maintain a regular practice:

Yoga with Adriene
If you search for  beginners yoga on youtube, you’ll come across Adriene’s videos. Her workout is great in beginning your yoga journey, I am currently doing her 30 days of yoga challenge in order to build my daily practice. The practices are simple and easy to follow. The good thing is her number of playlists consist of yoga for weight loss, stress and creativity, go on try one of her video.

This channel is good if you want a good flow yoga workout as there are different videos to choose from to target different areas. A flow workout is a sequence of poses to maintain that connection between the mind and body.

Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth’s videos are good because you can see how each pose should be along with  alternative poses. There are playlist for a full body yoga and also a 30 minutes or a 10 minutes one. You don’t have to go into an hour long yoga to start with, you can just start with a 10 minute one and build up with that everyday, just do what your body wants to do and don’t force into it. By building up practice, your body will readily comply into an hour long workout which would feel simple.

Hope this helps in starting your yoga journey..

32/52: Krakow in Pictures

Date: 3rd – 6th August

Finally, Krakow in summer, the weather was scorching but worth going to see the city in the sunshine. I was there to catch up with a friend and I had a lovely time going around. We went to the salt time and Auschwitz as well. Auschwitz isn’t a typical tourist attraction due to the historical significance attached to it but it is worth going to realise its sheer scale and how cruel humanity can get which should never be repeated. The Salt mine was quite an interesting tour, about 135ft underground, it was fascinating to see the chapel underground with its salt sculptures and chandeliers.

This was my second time in the city and the one thing I always go for when am here are the sweets, I had too many dessert but it’s fun to indulge. This wouldn’t be last time in Poland because I still have to visit Warsaw and the Tatras, so until next time, this pictures would see me through.

31/52: Throwback – My Princess Dresses


I grew up in Nepal and for us, clothes were not worn for fashion, we bought our clothes to last until we grew out of it or it was unmendable but my mum used to dress me and my sister in a twin set look- colourful mismatch combinations which I surely would love to wear now. Past our twin set look, my sister geared towards tomboyish looks while I clinged to those princess dresses, it was the time when I was heavily influenced by Andersen’s fairy tales. I would always ask her to buy me dresses whenever we used to go clothes shopping and I adore those dresses, I still have the netted multi-colour one which everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. I am grateful that my mum instilled in me the joy of dressing up and being comfortable with what you wear, you make mistakes along the way, my teen goth phase is always talked about but that would be for some other time and I am sure I didn’t save any photos from that time. These princess dresses gave me bouts of happiness as a little girl not only because how I felt in them but also because of the memory associated with it, visit to the zoo, grandma house, my birthday, our family picnic. It’s making me question the amount of clothes I have nowadays and fast fashion in general, do my clothes tell a story? Does it invoke in me the same happiness as these dresses did? I can honestly tell about half of them don’t, I might not have worn most of them more than twice anyways. Ok, this post is kind of ending in a dark epiphany, I might have to rethink my wardrobe choices now…. but anyways do share your fashion story if you have any, what did you like to wear when you were young?