28/52: All About Alaia

Al (5)

Azzedine Alaia: The Couturier Exhibition at the Design Musuem 

Until 7th October 2018 

I like going to exhibition especially fashion ones and the Alaia exhibition at the design musuem didn’t disappoint. This was a collaboration between Mark Wilson and the man himself, Azzedine Alaia before his death on November 2017 and it shows on the display, the layout, the screen and every dress shown. Its immaculate with about 60 garments in display and every one of them shows a story from the bandage dress, the corset belt to the perforated leather. It was great to see them up close, the labor it went through, the craftsmanship, everything is so detailed that you kind of question whether perfection does exist. I’ll let the images do the talking but its a different feel to see them in person so if you are ever stuck on what to do in London and need a bit of fashion inspiration, head out to see the exhibition or the museum itself, it’s gonna be a treat either way.

27/52: What’s in my makeup pouch?


Honestly, not a lot of make up, more like an old lady pouch to carry my pills and balm. So, here it goes:

  1. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist: It’s a facial mist to refresh your face throughout the day. I usually use it during the summer as a moisturiser and has a lovely smell, so doubles up as a scent.
  2. Hycosan Extra Eye Drops: I suffer from really dry eyes due to working with screens all day long & this was recommended by my optometrist. It is on the pricey side but it works well for me without it being irritated and is easy to use rather than other ones.
  3. White Musk Smoky Rose Eau De Toilette: Got this as a gift so using it till it finishes.
  4. Aromatherapy Head Ease Roll On: I got my friend a stress ease one & she loved it, so I got one myself for my headache during the day. Its effective and soothing.
  5. Nuxe Lip Balm: This cost about £9 but it is the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever own. This is my second pot and the first one last me for about a year or so, it is worth it if you are not prone to losing stuff.
  6. Tiger Balm: I am that Asian lady that would hand this over to you if get any pain. I never go anywhere without this, I use it for my headache, stomachache, muscle pain, apparently any kind of ailment.
  7. Plasters: Handy when trying to break new shoes 🙂
  8. Sanitary Pads: A necessity, I used to shy away from showing this around but nowadays, I ain’t bothered.
  9. Missha All Around Sun Block: You always need to carry a sunscreen around. This is one of my favourites because it leaves your skin dewy and it doesn’t leave a white cast.
  10. Medicines: I told you am an old person, I carry all kinds of pills, gaviscon for indigestion, paracetamol for headache, ibuprofen for pain relief. I try not to rely on them too much but when the pain threshold reaches its limit then, I’ll take whatever.

As I told you I don’t carry a whole lot of makeup, these are my day to day stuff for work – I’ll carry the odd lipstick or my CC cream occasionally but that’s it. Let me know if you have any essentials for your makeup bag.

23-26/52: Blog Fail June

June was kind of a rushed month, my closest friend got married and the temperature soared up. The wedding was gorgeous but I would like to keep that memories to myself. I was also practising for the surprise wedding dance and was going back and forth with work. I have been tired lately due to my hour long commute back & forth &  to be honest, I have been lazy and unmotivated by lot of things. I’ll be getting back into the blog this month but am struggling with content. I’ll think of something creative, until then, catch up with you later.


22/52: Copenhagen In Pictures

Date: 24 – 27th May

Travelling again? Yes, I was supposed to head to Krakow but due to budget issues, I got a last minute deal trip to Copenhagen. A deal in Copenhagen?? You must be kidding me? Well, the flight was cheaper compared to everything else there plus I stayed in a hostel and with a host. I also bought the Copenhagen card (which is expensive)  before hand but it was quite a life saver as it gives you free access to public transport and most places. The only expenses I had to get there was food and gifts. Food was expensive, I stuck to street food and convenience food, am not a huge foodie anyways. I had to use my saved up euros for gift at the airport though.

As a solo traveler, its a great place to explore. All the attractions are in a walking distance in the center, the people are friendly and transport is ace. It’s a safe place as well, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in walking alone at night or getting lost in different parts of the city. The things I learned in this trip is:

  • Buy the Copenhagen card – it literally was the best and it saves you a lot of money, I am gonna be looking up different card deals for different cities now.
  • Airbnb further away from the city is way cheaper than the central and the public transport is great. I would recommend Kastrup because I stayed there is about 20 minutes from the central.
  • If you want to stay in the central, book way in advance, the hotels are so expensive, the hostel I stayed (Steel house Copenhagen) at was great, they had all the facilities – but they do get booked quickly. If you are not one for dorms then you can even get a private room there.
  • Explore the other neighborhoods, Norrebro, Vesterbro , Christiana. I could only explore Norrebro fully but I would love to go back and visit the others.
  • Be confident in riding a bike – I am really bad at it so I gave up but you can see and do a lot more.

21/52: Catch up..


Late on a post again due to weekend travels. We are hitting that half way mark on the year and I felt like doing a text post on what my year has been so far. The weather change throughout the year has been different with snows on February and March which was unexpected. I started off the year in low spirits because of some issues at work but I persevere and managed to change my path, am quite content at the moment but it still feels like there are lot more I want do.

Goal this year was to travel and to be present in the moment. I have managed to travel to to few places and have a list which is looking pretty good but being present, am still working on it. I think a lot, my mind wanders to the past and the future but never to the present situation. I have been trying to rectify that and be in the here & now. In the rare moments, I enjoy the present moment, I find it quite fascinating seeing things in a new light like the sunshine or the flowers but its quite difficult to do it, with your mobile and the thought of being online all the time. At the end of the year, I would like to be in a place where I am comfortable not to think about what was & will be and just enjoy the presence of everything that is happening now.

Next few weeks of summer, I actually don’t have major plans; I am going to enjoy whatever the good weather there is and be with my family and friends. Sending out good vibes and love to you all..

20/52: Beauty Review – 3 Favourites for Travel

I have been travelling on weekend breaks lately so I got to try out a few travel friendly products I meant to try out in ages and are now my favourite things to have for anytime.

Neogen Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick 


Its a facial soap on a stick, so you can easily take it across customs without having to separate it out as liquid (please ask if you are unsure because some airports I’ve been to would like to separate it out). Neogen is a popular brand that is known for their natural ingredients products that are great for sensitive skin. The green tea cleansing stick contains green tea seed oil and green tea leaves which is a known ingredients to revitalize skin, this can be bought from Amazon and is about £20 which is expensive but is worth it because it last long and is great for cleansing out waterproof makeup, this also acts as a double cleansing and you wouldn’t need a cleansing oil.



JAYJUN – JC Refine to Shine 3 Step – Real Water Brightening Mask 


This is a game changer product if you do weekend travels a lot. Its a 3 step product which contains a cleansing foam, serum and a mask so you don’t have to overload your beauty bag with different products when you have these. These are also on the pricier side but you get 10 packets and you can get your money worth if you travel a lot. I bought the Brightening Mask (not to confuse with bleaching – these are completely unrelated to each other, brightening and whitening products improves your skin tone, not change it). You can buy this on Amazon and there are other products you can try out as well.




Kao – Megrhythm Steam Warm Eye Mask


You might have seen this on social media but these eye masks are everything. After a long day travelling or even on the planes, you can pop these eye mask, it heats up and soothes the eyes. Momo liked it a lot when we went on our weekend trip because its relaxes you instantly plus it contains lavender and oils such as chamomile and ginger (please be aware that they do have scent). I got these from yesstyle on sale and it was 60% off around £10 so just keep an eye out for it if you want to try them out and let me tell you, you won’t regret it.


19/52: Genoa In Pictures



Date: 27 – 29th April

A weekend break to Genoa, a serene city and a gateway to Cinque Terre. We were exhausted after the Cinque Terre hike the day before and didn’t get to fully enjoy the city but we did the hop on and hop off bus tour which took us to all the major attraction. This was my first trip with Momo & I enjoyed every moment of it, we have our own inside jokes from the trip and realized I needed to be present in the moment and take in every opportunity.

Until next time, ciao!