21/52: Catch up..


Late on a post again due to weekend travels. We are hitting that half way mark on the year and I felt like doing a text post on what my year has been so far. The weather change throughout the year has been different with snows on February and March which was unexpected. I started off the year in low spirits because of some issues at work but I persevere and managed to change my path, am quite content at the moment but it still feels like there are lot more I want do.

Goal this year was to travel and to be present in the moment. I have managed to travel to to few places and have a list which is looking pretty good but being present, am still working on it. I think a lot, my mind wanders to the past and the future but never to the present situation. I have been trying to rectify that and be in the here & now. In the rare moments, I enjoy the present moment, I find it quite fascinating seeing things in a new light like the sunshine or the flowers but its quite difficult to do it, with your mobile and the thought of being online all the time. At the end of the year, I would like to be in a place where I am comfortable not to think about what was & will be and just enjoy the presence of everything that is happening now.

Next few weeks of summer, I actually don’t have major plans; I am going to enjoy whatever the good weather there is and be with my family and friends. Sending out good vibes and love to you all..