6/52: Basement Cinema Party

3rd February: Faithy’s 25th Birthday Party, Deptford Cinema

dept3On a drizzling Saturday, I headed out to Deptford, south east of London for the first time. I have never ventured out there but it is a really nice place for what I saw in the evening. I was there to celebrate one of my close friends 25th birthday at Deptford Cinema. Deptford Cinema is a not for profit community led project to bring about a cinema to the London borough of Lewisham. There are movies playing every month and can be hired out for private event. Moreover, the place is instagrammable with movie posters adorning the walls. The cinema is in the basement, a cosy hideaway from winter blues.

The party was great with movies and pop corn, I quite enjoyed it. I am really bad at taking photos for the blog, let alone outfit photos without momo- so here is me, working that stairs pose laughably. I wore the shearling jacket from Bershka as always, the vinyl trousers (you can barely see it) is from Reserved, the shoes are from Asos and the baker boy hat is from Topshop. I would love to go around London more, so let me know if you have any suggestions on where to head out next..

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