20/52: Beauty Review – 3 Favourites for Travel

I have been travelling on weekend breaks lately so I got to try out a few travel friendly products I meant to try out in ages and are now my favourite things to have for anytime.

Neogen Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick 


Its a facial soap on a stick, so you can easily take it across customs without having to separate it out as liquid (please ask if you are unsure because some airports I’ve been to would like to separate it out). Neogen is a popular brand that is known for their natural ingredients products that are great for sensitive skin. The green tea cleansing stick contains green tea seed oil and green tea leaves which is a known ingredients to revitalize skin, this can be bought from Amazon and is about £20 which is expensive but is worth it because it last long and is great for cleansing out waterproof makeup, this also acts as a double cleansing and you wouldn’t need a cleansing oil.



JAYJUN – JC Refine to Shine 3 Step – Real Water Brightening Mask 


This is a game changer product if you do weekend travels a lot. Its a 3 step product which contains a cleansing foam, serum and a mask so you don’t have to overload your beauty bag with different products when you have these. These are also on the pricier side but you get 10 packets and you can get your money worth if you travel a lot. I bought the Brightening Mask (not to confuse with bleaching – these are completely unrelated to each other, brightening and whitening products improves your skin tone, not change it). You can buy this on Amazon and there are other products you can try out as well.




Kao – Megrhythm Steam Warm Eye Mask


You might have seen this on social media but these eye masks are everything. After a long day travelling or even on the planes, you can pop these eye mask, it heats up and soothes the eyes. Momo liked it a lot when we went on our weekend trip because its relaxes you instantly plus it contains lavender and oils such as chamomile and ginger (please be aware that they do have scent). I got these from yesstyle on sale and it was 60% off around £10 so just keep an eye out for it if you want to try them out and let me tell you, you won’t regret it.


19/52: Genoa In Pictures



Date: 27 – 29th May

A weekend break to Genoa, a serene city and a gateway to Cinque Terre. We were exhausted after the Cinque Terre hike the day before and didn’t get to fully enjoy the city but we did the hop on and hop off bus tour which took us to all the major attraction. This was my first trip with Momo & I enjoyed every moment of it, we have our own inside jokes from the trip and realized I needed to be present in the moment and take in every opportunity.

Until next time, ciao!


18/52: Cinque Terre It

Date: 28th April 

Cinque Terre has been on my travel wish list every since I saw the pretty houses by the sea and I have been this dream of retiring near the sea and would love to someday be able to live in pretty houses like those. I went to Genoa, Italy with Momo at the end of April just so I can cliff walk the villages at Cinque Terre.

We started really early around 4am so that we could catch the first train to La Spezia  which was the cheapest as well around 8 Euros but we took the stopping service that took us nearly 2 hours. La Spezia is a city where you can the trains to the 5 villages in Cinque Terre. We couldn’t go around La Spezia but if you get off here, you can get all the information regarding how to go around Cinque Terre. You can also buy the Cinque Terre card there which gives you unlimited train rides, shuttle buses to all the five villages and access to the walking routes.

We got off at Monterosso, the furthest village and started our cliff walk from there. The walk was fine except for a 15 minutes or so stairs walk in the very beginning, otherwise its pretty great, you get to be in the nature and see all the vast sea. My only advice is go early because the walk gets busy with people towards midday. It took us about 2 hours when we reached Vernazza. The view from the top to see the village was awesome. It was getting to be busy at the village so we only stayed for a drink. We didn’t go to Corniglia as Momo was exhausted and I wanted to see the other villages. We went on the train to see the other two villages – Manarola and Riomaggiore. There were whole lots of crowd around the afternoon so it was hard to walk around but I think its the price to pay going to a popular place. The popular Via Dell Amore walk is closed till further notice but you can enjoy the view from its entrance if you want to have a look around.

Overall, I quite enjoyed walking around. I haven’t got a lot of photos because I wanted to be in the moment but if you enjoy the scenic nature and love the sea as much as I do, going there is an absolute must. I would advise on going off-season or early in the morning or later in the evening if you are not fond of crowds (I wasn’t) and also staying there for a night or so which I regret not doing. I would love to visit the place again just to hike the whole route which takes about 9 hours from dawn to dusk..


17/52: Career Wise- 5 tips for an Internship

If you are looking to start your career or wanting to try out something new, internship can be a great way to find out if the work is something you want to do. When I graduated from university, I was on the crossroad whether to go through the degree route or try out different career altogether and internship gave me an insight to do that. I interned at two places, completely different to what I graduated in ( I graduated with an information system degree). The first place I interned was an online fashion boutique as a fashion admin intern with responsibilities such as managing product data, photographing, ironing and so on. The second place was in Bratislava, Slovakia with an European work program, and I interned as a Marketing intern for an online software company. I was responsible for market research and presentation. Two complete different roles but I learned a lot and they gave me the options to look into an industry which I wouldn’t have got into without the experiences I gained there. If you are going for an internship or starting work as they can be applicable to any entry role, here are 5 tips I learned:


1>Ask questions: Internship are  a way to learn about the industry, the work, the career it can provide and so on. Don’t be afraid to ask the most basic questions because as I learn, they can teach you a lot. The work can be menial, you would be asked to do almost anything from getting coffee, ironing, data entry, researching and so on but I think these are the jobs that teach you what to expect.

2>Be professional: Yes, you don’t get paid for the hours you put but that doesn’t mean you can turn up to work late or do a sloppy job. Put your 100% on any jobs they give you, if they want you do something again and again, just do it. Do the best in any work  and the hard work will definitely pay off. If you are doing your best, they are more likely to recommend you to others or a full time job at the end of it.

3>Make connection: This is the one thing I regret not doing properly. Internship can be a hub to network with loads of  people from different professional backgrounds. Ask for their contact because you’ll never know when you are gonna need it. Going back to tip number 1, ask questions- ask people what they do, how they got to where they are, ask them what they enjoy about their work – just ask, everyone likes talking about themselves, so don’t feel shy (like I did) but also make sure to keep in touch with your contacts.

4>Manage your expenses: Most internship do reimburse you for travel and lunch but for any other expenses, you need to manage it on your own. My internship were paid travel but I had saved up by working part time during my holidays to pay for my other expenses, so do have kind of income to fall back to if there are other expenses to be covered. Be mindful to keep all travel receipts and any other receipt that you think the company can reimburse you with.


5>Aim for an end goal: What do you want at the end of the internship? A job at the company? or do you want to apply somewhere else? If you want a job in the same company, then you need to have the talk with your manager in the beginning of your last month – so you know what to expect, if they are not looking to hire anyone, then you can start to look elsewhere but companies do let you know if they want to keep you on. If you move on, don’t forget to get references/ recommendations & a way to to contact them. It’s good to have that network for your career.

Hope the above tips are useful to start on your internship or your first job. Let me know if you have any other tips that was helpful to you in your career.


15/52: Picasso Jonas

Date: 4th April

Went to the Picasso and Joan Jonas exhibition at the Tate Modern, the first exhibitions of the year.


The EY Exhibition: Picasso 1932 (8 Mar – 98 Sep 2018) 

This exhibition explores his career in 1932 through a series of paintings, it was a year full of highs and lows. At the beginning of the year, he was working towards his retrospective, from what I saw, this was his heyday, the colours, the use of subject, the fluidity in it but by the end of the year, the paintings grew solemn as the colours became faded and haphazard. It was great to see a timeline throughout the exhibition from the 1st room to the last and there are 10 rooms in total. I am not big on art but I admire the creativity of the artist and to be able to be present in such masterpieces was eye opening. Here are some of my favourite pieces, I tend to love realistic portraits to surrealism but every paintings told a tale and I think that’s for one, he is still revered. Even if you aren’t a big fan of art exhibition, this is something I think most people should see on why he is one of the greatest artist to date.

Joan Jonas (14 Mar – 5 Aug 2018) 

I went to the exhibition without any prior knowledge as it was in the 2 in 1 ticket offer. Joan Jonas is a pioneer of performance, video and installation who has pushed boundaries of art for the last 5 decades. Honestly, I haven’t got a clue on moving art but I love the installation especially of the Juniper Tree. Some of the pieces makes you think about the wider culture and politics. I am not sure how to describe some of the things coz you need to be there to decide on its influence on yourself. One thing I did take away from this was you can portray your thoughts creatively by constantly educating yourself of the different topics you are interested in whether its far flung places or people you’ve never met. Go to see the exhibition if you are a fan of installation art.


14/52: 3 Earring Trends I Am Obsessed With

If you follow my insta story over on Instagram, I am having a kind of earrings moment. I love all kinds, tassels, chains, hoops, you name it, I want to try it all. Here are just some of the inspiration behind my earrings madness.

Double hoops: You need to have two piercings at least, get hoops of different size or style or you can rock the same size and style, you can go crazy with this. I prefer to do mine in same style with different sizes.


Chains: This is not something new but have seen loads of people wearing them recently, its an understated piece, rock them if you are feeling like a rebel.


Cuffs: This trend was seen last year but a one ear cuff is always an statement, rock them out for night outs, party or everyday wear but make sure you are showing them off.




Shop similar styles:


Claires, £8.00




H&M, £8.99